Awen Grove

When people live more fully integrated with nature, they suffer less stress and ill health, their culture is richer, and their appreciation and caretaking of the earth is stronger. ~Catriona MacGregor Glazebrook

Deep Ecology is a philosophy based on our sacred relationship with Earth and all beings

I am well again,
I came to life in the cool winds
and the crystal waters
of the mountains ~John Muir

Expanding Human Potential — Integrating New Healthy Ways of Living & Working in Harmony with Nature
People want to make choices that are beneficial for themselves and other living things but many do not know how to bring those choices into their day-to-day lives in a meaningful way.

We pass through nature to spend most of our time in artificial environments. According to national surveys, half of all deaths in the U.S. between the ages of 16 and 65 now result from stress (US Center for Disease Control). Meanwhile, the average person has reduced time outdoors to only one hour a week. Scientific studies indicate that walking in nature, playing in nature and even simply viewing nature improve health and well-being.
Awen Grove:
  • Brings new ways of living & working that are healthy & harmonious with nature;
  • Helps people incorporate nature into their day-to-day lives resulting in greater well-being & a greater sense of purpose;
  • Provides the newest scientific innovations based on nature (i.e., biomimicry) and our growing understanding of humankindís relationship with nature.
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