Awen Grove
To live harmoniously with nature is to understand and work with natural forces
It is time for us as a culture to walk in the forest again. Once we see nature as mentor, our relationship with the living world changes, gratitude tempers greed, and the notion of "resources" becomes obscene. ~Janine M. Benyus
Nature Inspiration Campaign — increasing understanding of species & habitats of global importance
Awen Grove brings greater knowledge of the value of nature, which inspires actions that lead to global health.

Through innovative global public information & awareness campaigns, Awen Grove shifts negative habits of buying and consuming (in order to be happy) to messages about the importance of living harmoniously with nature to enhance the quality & longevity of people's lives.

Through the Nature Inspiration Campaign, Awen Grove increases public awareness and understanding of species and habitats of global importance, leading ultimately to conservation of the species and its habitat.

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