Awen Grove
Ecopsychology interconnects psychology and ecology to show us ways of healing our alienation and to build a sane society and a sustainable culture
We live in an unparalleled age that urgently calls for a new way of living. Nature is a Key Partner in inspiring ways of living that will ensure the evolution of Humankind and the well being of all life on Earth. This is the path we must walk.~Catriona MacGregor Glazebrook
Nature as Model
take inspiration from nature's model and apply to human use
Nature as Measure — apply an "ecologically sound" standard to assess the rightness of our innovations
Nature as Mentor — value nature based on what we can learn from nature versus what we can "extract" from nature
Awen Grove - encouraging ways of living that enhance the quality of life for all living things
When people transform the way they live and work, this ultimately results in increasing the vitality of all life on Earth.

Awen Grove*:

  • Provides new understanding about the interconnectedness of people and nature & encourages ways of living that enhance the quality of life for all living things;
  • Offers innovative programs, consulting, workshops and learning opportunities;
  • Inspires people to value, protect and restore nature.
*Awen, an ancient Celtic word for inspiration or "flowing spirit", is comparable to the Tao. It is the ultimate creative force in the universe that sustains all life.
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